What is it about wellness hotels?

The holiday season is expected by many people longingly. Finally you can even let all your worries at home and does not need to bother about the job or for customers who want to complain again.

This time we want so as best they can utilize and enjoy. Today there are, thanks to aircraft and other public transportation, the opportunity really to make worldwide holidays. This has of course the tourist industry recognized and will be found even in the smallest places is more than a hotel.

Food Services

Western-style Chinese food as well as by the food, elegant banquet and even a leisurely afternoon tea, hotels and Western restaurants and bars can satisfy your needs. Integration of new and traditional cooking styles of modern taste, it is the restaurant's success Belleview.
Cuisine: Western
Furnished luxurious elegance, beauty and bright sitting magnificent night view of West Street. This offers fine western cuisine, finest wines and champagne, exotic intoxicating.
Cuisine: Chinese
Provide top Chinese food, and a variety of fine desserts and a range of single and package food. Panorama of the many health-conscious chefs are cooking been drawn up to record breaking classic dishes and famous.

Opening hours
Restaurant: 17:00 to 10:30
Bar: 4 pm to 1 am (Sunday to Thursday)
4 pm to 2 am (Friday, Saturday, eve of public holidays and public holidays)

Location: First Floor
Reservation Tel :0773 -8,817,200

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