The Hotel YH

Hotels on the water are just as popular as the hotel in the mountains. Hotels with views of the water are the most popular because people can at any time to admire the sunset. It also shows the day, the bustle on the water, mostly from water sports, which is a very beautiful picture. Hotels on the water are usually somewhat more expensive, just because of that wonderful view. If one appreciates it but you should invest the money quietly, you will regret it in any way. In addition, it has thus never far from the hotel to the beach, which is also very much worth.

Hotels in the country are especially city people are very popular. Because there they have things to which they have to do without in their daily lives. In the country there are so few hotels with a view of the whole country. The hotel needs will not even stand on a hill, so you can enjoy the view. If one of the meadows, grazing cattle, farms, fields and forests, one is immediately impressed as a tourist. There are now even farms that also have a hotel, so guests can enjoy the country life really. It is the morning fresh milk, cheese and sausage, with the smell of farm. This experience you will not soon forget. The children may also take over most still on the small farm work and even take a tractor. So it is for the kids an unforgettable vacation.

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